Aliet Green


Indonesian Specialities for the Green Kick in modern Life

Aliet Green is an Indonesian company established and owned by a woman that is built on the principles to develop organic farming in Indonesia based on fair traded commodities.

Since its establishment in 2009, it is great importance for Aliet Green to work with farmers that produce our products in harmony with local nourished environment and local values combined with international standards. Only a healthy socio-ecological environment can produce products that are of high value for consumers as well as for producers.

Aliet Green concentrates on local resources, traditional knowledge and the art of traditional skills to offer new, unusual, extraordinary, rare products with high quality giving the Green kick to a healthy modern organic lifestyle.

As a member of the Indonesian Organic Alliance (IOA) Aliet Green is working to make organic agriculture a viable alternative for small farmers in Indonesia.

Aliet Green aims at empowering women to participate on a central role in the ecological, social and economic framework of the agricultural society in Indonesia.

Honest respect for our partners, ethical trading values, fairness and strict compliance with the regulations for certified organic products are parts of Aliet Green’s philosophy to not just do business as usual and to go different ways doing business to achieve our goals.